Wednesday, December 19, 2012

#PGMom Event

Did you know Canada..  we have some great info from our Toronto Rep Faniya, who attended the #PGMom event on our behalf..

Last month I had a chance to attend #PGMom Event. I know this is may be late to say about that but it just in time to talk about holidays. I find it was quite smart to invite Mom- influencers just before the holiday rush, since mostly Moms who clean, cook and bake, decorate, and take kids to holiday events. Holidays are truly special time as we all anticipate them the whole year, prepare for them, and create the magic with our own hands.  Who is that big helper for Moms and families to create holiday magical moments in their lives? I think you know the answer (and it is not Santa).

The event started with introduction to P&G history, lots of products created during long company life, innovated and the main point they did not stop on that, the company continues working on products improvements, design and non-stop research. I never realized that one Pampers diaper is such sophisticated system.

It was a real pleasure to meet Olympic champions Priscilla Lopes-Schliep and Christine Sinclair during the event, even take pictures with them.  I always feel inspiring when I meet sports people, they look awesome, exercise every day plus healthy diet, discipline and strong mind to win competitions.

Meeting P&G beauty experts was also a big adventure: Greg Wencel  Covergirl Make Up Pro, Luis Pacheco Consulting Colourist  and Justin German Pantene Pro-V Consulting Stylist. Pantene Mask and Demi-Permanent hair color were my favourites. We received mini-makeover, mini-manicure, introduction to new season colors and styles.

After we had a chance to walk through the P&G product displays split by categories:  products for everyone in a family including pets.  So I made a list of words reflecting P&G products: soft, fresh, caring, beautiful, clean, shiny, protected and charged.  If you have some, please add them too.

Teddy Out-Ready

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