Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Did you know Canada..  have you heard about MUKS & MOCS?  They are an amazing online store that who's products are a combination of comfort, style and tradition. As an Aboriginal-owned company, they are proud of the history connected to our product. Inspired by the beautiful designers and expert craftsmanship of our ancestors. There are literally hundreds of years of history in each of the products they sell.  And absolutely beautiful products at that.

If you haven't checked them out yet, here are a few of my favourites..

Short Wrap Mukluk

The Short Wrap Mukluk from Muks and Mocs is 9.5” of cozy cowhide suede, comfy rabbit fur and soft sheepskin shearling. Featuring unique beadwork and traditional wrap-styling, the Short Wrap mukluk is the perfect combination of fashion and function. The low profile, rugged sole was developed by Vibram™, the leader in sole technology. Vibram™’s durable sole stands up to rain, sleet and snow which means these resilient boots can be worn year round. A sheepskin lined footbed will keep feet warm in even the coldest Canadian winter. Many colours available.

These are my absolute favourite, they would be perfect for wearing to the hockey rink or picking the kids up from school, I love the look and really love that they can be worn year round.

Tall Classic Mukluk

The Tall Classic Mukluk from Muks and Mocs is the quintessential mukluk. Standing at 15” tall, this boot provides unwavering warmth on even the coldest days. Fully lined with sheepskin shearling, rabbit fur and cowhide suede, the Classic mukluk is the new standard in comfort. The Tall Classic isn’t all looks - a durable Vibram™ sole made from rugged TC1 compound will stand up to the elements. Available in a wide range of styles, the only difficult part about this decision is deciding on a colour.

This would be perfect for those spending a lot of time outside, they are not only beautiful but have a Vibram sole that can take you anywhere!

Deerskin Moccasin

When it comes to moccassins, the Deerskin Moccasin from Muks and Mocs is the ultimate in cozy comfort. These moccasins are fleece-lined with rabbit fur trim, and handcrafted from Canadian Deerskin leather. Outstanding quality, fit and style - what more is there to say? Traditional designs and unique stitching pay homage to North American Indian tribes that invented moccasins thousands of years ago. Now you can cozy up in a little piece of history.

Talk about cozy.  Growing up my parents both had moccassins in the house, they loved them and I love them, they not only look great but are so much more durable that fluffy slippers, perfect for the man of the house as well.

Not just for adults, they have children's styles too, even pink for the little ladies in your life!  All of these would make fantastic gifts this Holiday Season, I know I would LOVE a pair of the Mukluk's under my tree this year.  Which one is your favourite?

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