Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Preparing your home for the Holiday Social Season #PGmom

Did you know Canada..  Colin Cowie, lifestyle expert and celebrity party planner, has 5 simple tips for us to prepare our homes for the Holiday Social Season!  I don't know about you, but I'm feeling overwhelmed already, especially with the baby on the way, and trying to prep for everything at once!

A big one on my list is the house smelling fresh and clean, here's Colin's tips on how we should get ready..

Start with a colour theme - Red and gold or white and silver are both perfect for a holiday party. Incorporate these colours into everything from your invitations to your decorations.

Good lighting is a must - Use lights on dimmers or consider adjusting the lighting of any room by adding candles.  (I love to add candles, they not only bring in fresh holiday scents but add to the feeling of a special day - our current favourite is febreze vanilla and moonlight)  These also make great parting gifts for your guests!

Let guests help themselves - Sit down dinner can be intimidating so set up a variety of food stations instead.  Easy to set up before guests arrive so that everything is prepared when dinner is ready to be served.

Always be ready for guests - Store a Swiffer WetJet with Swiffer WetJet extra power pad with the scrubbing power of Mr. Clean Magic Eraser in the hall closet; when friends or relatives let you know they're just around the corner, you can quickly clean up before they pull into the driveway.  (this is a must for me, especially with muddy dog and kid boot prints that I can't keep on top of!)

Hide the mess - pre-load the dishwasher with Cascade All-in-1 ActionPacs and load dishes as you use them.  If you need to hand wash your dishes use a fact-acting dish soap like Dawn Original, it gives you an overnight soak in five minutes, so you can plan to spend the night with your guests instead of being stuck scrubbing dirty dishes.

My last quick thing to do before guests arrive is give the rooms a quick spray with Febreze Air effects, my current favourite scent is the Cranberries and frost, I LOVE it!  I have got to get out to the store and stock up on this scent before it disappears for the year.

We are so excited to offer a giveaway to our readers; a prize pack to get their homes ready for the Holiday Social Season as well! Enter below to win this awesome set of products, to use in conjunction with these easy tips from Colin, and your home will be party ready in no time!

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