Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Made in Canada home renovation

Did you know Canada..  a friend and her husband's Christmas gift to each other this year is to redo their kitchen.  Home renovation does not sound like the best thing during the Holidays, but it works for them as they are both off work for two weeks, they have been saving up the money and are doing much of the work themselves.  Plus, practically everything in on sale one way or another this time of year right.

Now is also the time to get in any last minute renovations that can be used towards the Home Renovation Tax Credit!

It got me to thinking about the best way to home renovate the Made in Canada way.  The first step would be to ask your local lumber yard where the wood comes from, and find a place that deals with local producers.  Visit locally owned shops like Home Hardware to purchase products and tools.  You won't be able to find everything you need Canadian made, but at least you are supporting local businesses.

If you are looking for garage doors in Burlington as part of a renovation, we found a company that sells and services Made in Canada products!

There's also Canadian made kitchen cabinets, flooring, furniture and more available from companies throughout Canada.  If you are using a contractor ask about ordering in Canadian made pieces.

Have you done a home reno this year?  Do you know where your new updates were made?

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