Wednesday, August 21, 2013

All Inclusive Family Vacations

Did you know Canada..  when I think of an all inclusive vacation I often think it's meant for couples, or a group of adult friends, but places like Club Med offer all inclusive family vacations for Canadians!

Many resorts now offer something for everyone, you can enjoy the luxury of an inclusive vacation stay and enjoy time together as a family.  Most beach resorts offer kids clubs where children can meet new friends, play games and have fun.  There are also many adventures, excursions, pools and beaches to be enjoyed as a family.

A warm get away is always fun in the middle of winter isn't it?  Many of us are dreaming of laying out on a beach instead of shoveling snow.  You know I love Canada and all it has to offer, but I know many of you love a quick getaway break too!

Italy, France, Mexico and more amazing locations are waiting to be discovered.  Something so great about Canada is how accepting, integrating and supportive we are of so many different cultures, how fun would it be to learn more about these places with the whole family.  Great to chat about at school after the trip too!

Have you thought about using the better price points of an all inclusive vacation to show your family the world?

1 comment:

  1. There is something so special about a trip away that just rejuvenates you!


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