Thursday, August 8, 2013

Canadian Made - Skights

Did you know Canada..  this summer has been a bit... off.. hasn't it?  Cooler than normal (except for the one crazy heat wave), we've been getting chilly at evening baseball games and in the shade, it's been making it hard to dress my busy baby.

That was, until I heard about Skights!  Mommy owned and Canadian Made, Skights are awesome!  Protecting from knees to toes, they keep my little man warm and toasty and protect his legs and toes as he gears up for crawling and rolls around the floor.  I remember when my twins first started army crawling we found a trail of blood all the way down the hall where my little guy had cut his "push off" toe.  We tried in vain to keep him in socks, but he always kicked them off or took them off, we usually found the sock in his mouth instead of on his foot protecting his toe!

I was so, so impressed with how well Skights fit and stayed on, even with my crazy little man kicking and rolling.  The knees are padded which is perfect for my almost crawler, and they are SO. CUTE!

Available is 6 cute colours - I think they compliment so many outfits perfectly! Skights are stylish, and don't interfere with whatever your little man it wearing!  You still have access to the diaper, doesn't effect potty training and washed perfect!

You can learn even more about Skights by following them on Facebook, Twitter and checking out this article on Together Moms! We are so excited to offer a Skights giveaway to our readers so they can see for themselves!  Enter below for your chance to win 2 pairs of Skights - one size small and one size large!

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  1. Turtle dove. :) Thank you.

    Narathip Wall

  2. Turtle Dove!

    Rafflecopter Name is Anne Taylor

  3. Morning glory!! Love the names so cute

  4. Love Morning Glory (Light Blue)

  5. I like Candy Apple Red

    SueSueper Sue

  6. I like Lil Pumpkin.
    angela mitchell

  7. Flash Black Morning Glory is my favourite


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