Friday, August 9, 2013

Planes Flying Into Theaters Today

Did you know Canada.. Planes is a new amazing Disney movie hitting the theaters this week. From creators of Cars, Planes are going higher and definitely faster into the wide opening sky to pursue the dreams, fell in love and find many good friends around the world.


The movie starts with Dusty Crophopper, a crop duster plane, who is dreaming to join the around-the-world “Wings of the Globe” race along with other planes despite his fear of heights. It is great that around him buddies also hopelessly believe in him like forklift Dottie and fuel truck Chug. When I and my little one watched the movie we had a strange feeling that Dottie and Chug were Dusty’s mom and dad.


Dusty turned out to be very lucky to get into the race and compete with other planes in speed and endurance. It was impressive to see Dusty’s knowledge of other planes, their achievements, skills and best turns. He also showed so much support and respect to every single plane competing in a race.

The competition started and as the reporter questioned: everyone wanted to know who will be #2, since no one doubted previous races winner Ripslinger would be #1. But as it sometimes happens that nothing can stop big dreams and everything can change in Planes lives, from being a favorite and #1 to a loser, and from emergency room patient with no hope to continue the race to a super plane thanks to good friends support.

The movie is also filled with romantic moments, first one I love when incredibly hot Mexican plane El Chupacabra was trying to win the heart of beautiful Canadian plane Rochelle with his passionate singing. And my second favorite is when South Asian plane Ishani invited Dusty to show the heartbreaking surroundings during their Asian flight. Huge advantage that this movie came out in 3D, giving amazing views of the sky, clouds and planes crossing the air. It was really spectacular movie to watch and my boy loved it a lot, nothing is compared to flying into the sky.

Planes in 3D opens in theatres today, so Ladies and Gentleplanes are you ready to join the race and fly across the Globe?

Teddy Out-Ready

Disclosure: I was provided tickets to an advanced screening by Walt Disney Studios Canada 

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