Thursday, August 1, 2013

What's your morning routine? #PGMom

Did you know Canada..  with my little man just turning 6 months, mornings have not been going as planned lately.  I've been trying to catch a few extra zzzz's in the summer before my older boys go to school full time in September, little man used to cooperate by napping when my hubby left in the mornings, but not anymore!  He is ready to party!  This means my morning routine needs to go at the speed of light, but there are a few products I just won't skip.

One of my favs is the Total Effects Line and Dark Circle Minimizing Brush - It contains a daily under-eye moisturizer that hydrates to firm skin’s appearance and minimize the look of fine lines. A hint of tint instantly reduces the appearance of dark circles.  It goes on easy, matches my skin tone well, and there's a noticeable difference when I use it.

I also have a new hair-do, shorter than you saw in my pampers video, it's now short and flippy, which I love, but having thin hair you have to have some product in there to make it keep it's shape and control the frizzys from blow drying every day!  Pantene Silky Moisture Whip works perfect for my thin hair, it doesn't weigh it down helps protect against heat damage and regulate hair’s moisture- delivering silky hair that shines!

Olay Quench Plus touch of sun is a favourite of the summer!  Carrying around the baby makes me HOT so I'm in tanks all the time.  I love using the quench plus touch of sun to help even out my skin tone and it works perfect!  No streaks or orange tint, just adds a bit of colour where I need it.

What are some of your morning must haves? (even when you are in a rush!)


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