Friday, March 11, 2011

Made in Canada: Ironkids Gummies

Did you know Canada..  my boys and I have been trying a fantastic Canadian Made product the past few days - Ironkids Gummies.

We've been going through cold after cold lately and I had tried other children's vitamins but it was a no-go with the boys, they were chalky and there was nothing fun about old fashion TV characters.  Me asking them to try a vitamin ended up in tears multiple times before we gave up.

Then a couple days ago we tried Ironkids Gummies and they were a huge hit! I was thinking they might be too tough or too sweet but they are the perfect flavour and exactly the right gummy texture you would expect.  After only a couple days my boys already know to ask for them first thing in the morning - I am so excited about this - routine is everything with the little guys.  I'm hoping they'll now be looking for a vitamin in the morning for good!

I'm so happy to hear they are Canadian Made and are Health Canada approved natural health products.  There's also no sugar coating, no aspartame, and no artificial colors - only real ingredients!  I'm also ecstatic that they are available in stores we already shop in such as Costco, Shoppers, and Walmart - specialty stores is not something my little town is big on.

This is the one and only vitamin we'll be taking from now on. Visit for more information and to sign up for their newsletter (and receive a $2.00 off coupon good towards any bottle of IronKids vitamins)

Really kid approved as you can tell :-)

Disclosure:  We were given a bottle of Ironkids Gummies to try but we will be purchasing our own bottles when this one runs out!

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