Thursday, March 17, 2011

What light bulbs are you using?

Did you know Canada.. 88% of households report that they are using at least one of four different types of energy-efficient lights: compact fluorescent lights, fluorescent tube lights, halogen lights or light-emitting diode lights.

Back in 2007 the federal government announced that it would ban the sale of inefficient incandescent light bulbs nation-wide by 2012 as part of a plan to cut down on emissions of greenhouse gases.  By banning inefficient lighting, it is said we can reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by more than 6 million tonnes per year.

Visit the Office of Energy Efficiency website for more information on what is happening in Canada.

Source: Statistics Canada, Office of Energy Efficiency


  1. Those big savings hardly hold up...

    Light Bulb ban in Canada
    Small savings, no energy shortage, low emissions anyway, cold conditions, more time indoors in varied surroundings...etc

    How manufacturers and vested interests have pushed for the ban on regular light bulbs,
    and lobbied for CFL favors:
    with documentation and copies of official communications

    All light bulbs have their advantages in different rooms and
    situations - none should be banned
    unless they are unsafe to actually use:
    The "switch all your lights and save lots of money" campaigns are like
    saying "Eat only bananas and save lots of money!" ;-)

  2. Yes, I've heard from others that disagree with the savings and disappointed in losing the light bulbs and the ambiance they create instead of the harshness of some of the "better" bulbs.

    While they are banned from being sold in 2012 they aren't banning a person from using them so stock up now! :-)

  3. I hate compact flourescents - we've had 2 now that, after burning out, have given out horrible fumes for days. The second one kept my daughter (who has asthma) from sleeping in her room for over 2 weeks. HATE THEM!

  4. We've had many of those spiral ones burn out after only a few months even though they are suppose to last longer!

    That's scary about the fumes!


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