Sunday, March 6, 2011

National Hockey Monument

Did you know Canada.. the National Hockey Monument is a monument envisioned by Canadian sculptor Timothy Schmalz as a tribute to our sport and a gathering place for all Canadians.

The Monument hasn't been created yet but Timothy started touring the country in 2008 with a 10 foot model asking Canadians to donate just a loonie to help create the envisioned 50 foot monument cast in bronze - this could be the biggest Monument is Canada.

The National Hockey Monument includes many features representing Canada and our love of hockey such as a large maple leaf at the top, winter trees, an ice rink, hockey players from many historical periods, and children playing hockey on a frozen pond.  The Monument, instead of being presented on a pedestal, will be sitting on a hockey rink.

Visit Timothy's site: National Hockey Monument to see photos and learn more about the project.

You can also purchase a Hockey minature designed and carved by Timothy to support the National Hockey Monument.

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