Sunday, March 6, 2011


Did you know Canada.. Yukigassen has come to Canada!

What is Yukigassen you ask? It's a snowball fighting-competition originating from Japan - Yukigassen translates to "Snow Battle". The first ever tournament was held in Japan in 1989 and the Yukigassen Federation was created in 1993. Borrowing concepts and strategies from dodgeball, paintball, and capture the flag Yukigassen is played on a snow court 40 meters long by 10 metres wide each team of seven battles the opposing team with 90 snowballs per period attempting to eliminate the opposing team with the snowballs or capturing their flag.  Snow barricades placed throughout the court making it more difficult to hit opponents. All snowballs are made to specific standards in the machines provided so the game is fair and safe.

The First Canadian Championship is being held in Edmonton right now (March 4-6) at Fort Edmonton Park. Over 100 teams are registered for this event and the Federations aims to achieve over 500 teams by 2015. The over-18 men's and ladies champions from Edmonton will be eligible to represent Canada at the 2012 world championships in Japan.


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