Sunday, March 13, 2011

Maple Syrup Festival Update

Did you know Canada..  we finally got to go to a Maple Syrup Festival today, we had been hoping to go a few times already but the weather was not cooperating.

We had tons of fun learning how maple syrup is gathered, the tools used now vs. pioneer times.  We learned the lightest Maple Syrup come in the early season which is considered a delicacy in places like Europe and is very expensive there.  The darkest syrup comes at the end of the season and it cooking grade syrup.

We also got some yummy maple treats as you can see and had a beautiful walk on the trails in the snow. I highly recommend looking for festivals going on in your area if they are available. Would be a fantastic March Break outing this week too.

As we mentioned earlier this month Canada and the United States are the only two maple syrup producing countries in the world, Canada producing 82% of the total syrup. And it's Quebec that produces the most syrup - about 90%!

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