Friday, October 21, 2011

Animal Planet Virtual Halloween Pet Parade

Did you know Canada.. I'm not sure if I've ever told you about our dogs. We have our "new puppy" (we've had her since March) - Maddie, she's a boxer/retriever cross. We also have our little Bailey, a very small Shih Tzu that my husband and I got when we moved into our first apartment together.  We love our doggies here, I'm so happy the boys have grown up with little Bailey and now have their own big dog to grow up with and be buddies with as they continue to grow.  I think pets are a great part of growing up and give us so many memories, they are always there when you need them most.

This Halloween we are dressing our very cute Bailey in the cutest Animal Planet Butterfly costume and have entered her in the Animal Planet Virtual Halloween Pet Parade!! With antennae, head piece and foam Monarch butterfly wings it's a fun costume for the whole family to enjoy.

Head on over to the Animal Planet Virtual Halloween Pet Parade and vote on your favourites, including our little Bailey!!

Are you dressing up any pets at your house this Halloween??


  1. There'll be a little maltese poodle Yoda round these parts.

  2. Hey, I clicked on your link for the voting, and couldn't find it. Is it a direct link? Just let me know via email.

    Spike, the Army cat, would just take any costume off with his paws & claws! marg (Mrs. Shopper)


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