Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Did you know Canada.. there are a lot of worries coming out about Meningitis - in the United States the issue being debated about whether or not to add an infant meningitis vaccination to the required roster of childhood immunizations, similar talks are currently happening in Canada as well.

According to, “Bacterial Meningitis is an infection of brain and spinal fluid that can cause death, sepsis or gangrene within 24 hours, and “Men C” and “Men B” are its most prevalent strains.”

Check out this article on Betty Confidential discussing Meningitis.

Have you had any experience with Meningitis in your family or friends lives?


  1. when my son was 10 days old he woke with a 104 temp luckily the hospital treated him for mengitis even though he did not have it. They said there was such a short treatment time. Turns out he had ecoli and the medicine worked for both. He had a spinal tap because there was concern for brain damage and there were also other health concerns. For the most part things are good now

  2. Hi I am Regin, I got menigities last year october 2010 while I was in singapore. I was in hospital for 24 days. Now every thing is almost ok. But memory loss is that much. I can't remember that much of past. Is there any schools or colleges where I can learn a new career? Pls help me in this

  3. Had Meningitis being covered up by hospitals in Canada.Refused medical help shortly after a spinal tap. A cover up ensued.


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