Saturday, October 8, 2011


Did you know Canada.. apples are Canada's largest fruit crop in terms of weight of food produced!!  It's wild blueberries that are our most valuable crop.

I've had apples on the brain today as we stopped for some apple picking at a local orchard today. A great family activity before heading to a Thanksgiving family dinner. We also made a quick stop to the bakery, Thanksgiving wouldn't be complete without a pumpkin pie or two!

I was happy to see all varieties are now ready at the orchard, my boys enjoy the small galas the best, while I go for the sour mutsus.

Did you know it's the McIntosh, which is the only variety grown in all apple-growing regions of Canada, makes up half of all Canadian apple production.

It's about two thirds of Canada’s apples that are shipped fresh. Ninety percent of the processing apples are used to make juice. Other uses include applesauce, slices and pie fillings. McIntosh apples are most often used for juice and Northern Spys for pie filling.

Ontario is Canada's largest apple producer.  I was surprised to read that the most nutritious apple grown in Ontario is the Red Delicious. With Empire coming in last as the least nutritious variety.

What's your favourite apple to go picking for?

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