Monday, October 17, 2011


Did you know Canada.. I recently had the chance to try a travel pack from Mereadesso during my trip to Toronto and it was so lovely I just had to tell you about it.

Mereadesso is a Canadian company developed by Linda Stephenson as a single-step skincare solution teeming with minerals, antioxidants, vitamins, enzymes and botanical extracts.

I love that their products are about Simplicity, ease and effectiveness. One step, one product, for every woman. As a busy Mom of two, I work, I take care of my home, I blog and more, I simply have so little time for me. With Mereadesso I really truly believe they understand that and offer quality products for women like me.
Their travel kit was just heaven, you know you get out of routine when away from home and away from your things but this was so easy to use, smelled lovely, everything fit snug in the carrying case and great size of products, enough to continue to use at home or save for the next trip.

They also have a fantastic new product coming out that I am dying to try: Mereadesso Lip Treats. It’s not only an amazing moisturizer for your lips but it also doubles the wear of whatever you put on top - love it!! This would make a perfect stocking stuffer for the upcoming holiday season. Only $28 for a package of 2. Why 2 you ask? ‘Cause it’s one of Linda’s (Mèreadesso Founder and Creator) pet peeves when she can’t find the first one!! So true!!

Be sure to keep an eye on their Facebook page around October 25th as I hear there may be some free samples for a few lucky fans!

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