Sunday, October 16, 2011


Did you know Canada.. I have been playing a great new game from the folks at Self Aware Games - Fleck!

Fleck is a massively-multiplayer social game that takes place on a map of the real world. Literally the real world. Make your home on your very own street, or in Toronto, your hometown, or your street from childhood! You can also visit real world hot spots like the Whitehouse or the Hollywood sign. Some local restaurants also make appearances - maybe your favourite sushi bar or pizza place is available for you to own in game.

It's a crazy combination of the real world map, building a house and garden, building businesses, making friends, completing quests, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand fighting Zombies! Yes, I said it, Zobmies. It's fun, addictive and outrageous.

Check out my place, yes, I do have a bit of a Zombie problem going on (maybe I need some more friends to come play and give a gal a hand).

So, here is how it works..
* set up your character (you can also change how you look and update your clothes)
* Pick a location for your home, you can live on your very own street!!
* start planting a few plants and trees such as daises, sunflowers and apple trees
* you can then harvest these for money and experience points
* use your money for decorations for your garden, power ups and and items to help you combat those zombies
* follow the quests to travel North America, make new friends, work together to complete quests and fight off a zombie attack

As you work towards goals and gain experience you are also helping your city rank up - how cool is it that you can get some neighbours together and grow your own city to number 1!!

Quests include partnering up for zombie battles, planting apple trees in Washington state, joining a scavenger hunt to name a few. You'll be all over the map and working with old friends as new. Another great feature is gifting - want to make someone's day or celebrate a completed quest? You can gift items!!

Zombie plants appear randomly around the map, and you have to engage them by digging at them before you start the battle. The longer they grow the bigger then get and the harder they are to defeat. So don't let those Zombies sit too long or you will have to gather a whole army to clear them out! I love this because you can pop in and out, and not have to worry you'll be trapped in battle when you least expect it. This is a great aspect to a social game as you're just not always up for a zombie battle, right?

By the way, is it raining outside?? Then it's raining in Fleck!! I just love it!! I don't know why this is a such a highlight for me, but I just feel it's really taken social gaming to the next level by bring the game to real life. I look forward to their seasonal updates, will we be seeing a snow storm any time soon?? (actually, I really hope not..haha)

Available for the iPad and browser, it's a great game you can check into for 5 minutes at a time throughout the day or get caught up in it all night as I've been known to do. Are you already playing?? Send me your account name!!

Thank you to Self Aware Games for sponsoring this blog post. I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective. All opinions expressed here are my own.

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  1. I just signed up because of you! LOL Now you better add me as a friend :)


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