Monday, October 3, 2011

ShesConnected Conference

Did you know Canada.. I wanted to share some facts and information that came out of the recent ShesConnected Conference, both the brands and the Digitally Connected Women had a lot to share.

The brands and sponsors had some great facts to share, including..

* Canada is second largest single country donor to World Food Program
* In Sri Lanka there are women going out every single day in search of wood to cook for their families, they are crossing areas filled with mines, the stoves are causing breathing problems and it is not safe for these women in any way - purchasing a $5 SAFE Stove can provide a stove for a women to feed her family using half the wood
* $1 a day can feed a family of four in some developing countries
* Molson has been brewing for 225 years
* Chicken Farmers of Canada promise us there is no hormones in chickens
* Chicken Farmers of Canada also wants everyone to know the 10 legged, 6 winged chicken supposedly found at KFC is a myth
* Ford is focusing on green cars - including using recycled jeans, using wheat straw in their plastic pieces in their cars

From our sessions a lot of fantastic information came out of them as well..

* There's never been a better time to be a woman according to Sheryl Connelly from Ford
* Many bloggers believe their time is worth money and when working with brands they should be paid
* Moms trust the opinions of other Moms and want to hear about products and services from them
* Ask for help when you need it, really, just ask - this is very hard for many women, I know
* It's more important who you are connected with, not so much about how many, it's not always about numbers
* You and your family will appreciate the history and stories of your lives, no other generation has had this - keep blogging, writing and archiving your memories


  1. "It's more important who you are connected with, not so much about how many, it's not always about numbers"I like that one :)

  2. Wow someone took more notes that I did!!! I was so pleased to spend a little extra time with you and look forward to getting together sooner than later!

  3. Great notes. It looks like you got a lot out of this conference!

  4. Thanks for sharing what you took from SCCTO! I truly appreciate it! Wish I could have met you :)


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