Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Generic Drugs in Canada

Did you know Canada.. you may have noticed that generic drugs are being used to fill prescriptions more often than ever before. I was on a name brand birth control pill that was covered under insurance until they released the generic version, then I had to switch to the generic version or cover the cost of the name brand! Not that I have to worry about that any more, as I mentioned before we are hoping to have a baby on the way some time this year, but I imagine this has happened to many people.

I wanted to look into generic drugs in Canada and here's what I found out..

* generic drug is the term used for products that contain the same medicinal ingredients as the original brand name drug, but which are generally cheaper in price

* the standards are the same for manufactures making both brand name and generic drugs

* both generic and brand name drugs must have the same amounts of good quality medicinal ingredients but the non-medicinal ingredients may differ

* Health Canada is responsible for evaluating generic drugs

* generic drugs are produced once the patent of a brand name drug expires

If you have to pay for your medications ask if a generic version of the drug is available to save money. You can also look into online Canadian pharmacy's to save even more such as Canada drug pharmacy that offers up to a 90% savings!

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