Sunday, March 18, 2012

Made by Hand‘s Networking & Create Night

Did you know Canada.. Toronto Rep Faniya has some great info to share with us about the Made by Hand‘s Networking & Create Night. Remember Did you know Canada? is a proud media sponsor of the Made by Hand Show that is coming up on April 21st at the International Centre in Mississauga.

On March 15, I attended Made by Hand‘s Networking & Create Night. The spacious and friendly Simply Creative Studio located in Milton opened its doors and welcomed crafty hands that day.

Simply Creative is a family - operated paint your own pottery studio. They offer a vast variety of bisqueware, ready to be painted over. And you can use all your creativity and imagination to paint on mugs, vases, plates and pots. Toys are ready for painting too for little creative hands there.

Jacqueline (Made by Hand Manager) and Lynn (Simply Creative Studio owner) greeted everyone and showed the beautiful studio. And when all the attendees were ready Lynn explained us the process of creating a pottery, what tools to use and showed some samples of work. There also were two other studio girls who helped us with paints, brushes, samples and creative tricks to use in our projects.

Two tables were set up in the studio, one for Glass and another one for Pottery projects, so I joined the Pottery and I had chosen to work on a contemporary vase; the pattern for my piece I got from the magazine I found there.

So we were busy for a while working on our pieces, exchanging the ideas with each other, suggesting the colours, asking questions and looking how purely white bisqueware becoming an amazing piece of art made by our own hands.

During the event were draws for the prizes, donated by Upper Canada Carvings, Swag Barn, Creative Strokes by MJ and others. I also had a chance to talk to other attendees, some of them are business owners, and saw the amazing products they make. I was impressed with FAYE’S JEWELERY & CRAFTS handmade necklace and a bracelet made from little tiny beads, so beautiful, a fashionable feather fascinator from Swag Barn, touched a cute plush animal from WARM FUZZIES, and tried the yummy Alfajores with Dulce de Leche from Cest-ci-bon.

Also Big Thanks to Pamela Bielak from Crafting for a Cure who presented the attendees and supported our networking communication.

After painting the pottery must be coated with a clear glaze and fired at the studio, in two days it is ready to take home. So next week I am going to show you my completed, ready to use, piece of art.

Teddy Out Ready


  1. oooh can't wait to see it! I lack creativity when it comes to blank canvas. sounds like a lot of fun though

  2. Thanks for the post, we enjoyed having you.

  3. I've always wanted to do one of the make it yourself pottery things! very cool!

  4. Sounds like you had a lot of fun!
    Great vase :)
    I can't wait to attend the event.


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