Monday, March 5, 2012

Toronto Events and SWAG

Did you know Canada.. you may have noticed a new section on our website, Toronto Events - Did you know Canada? is planning on hitting up the best events in Toronto and we want to see you all there too!

We have new Toronto Representatives; Pam, Faniya and Multi-Testing Mommy, head over to the Toronto Events page to learn more about them!

Some of our upcoming events include..

* Soïa & Kyo - World MasterCard Fashion Week in Toronto with Pam - March 13, 2012
* RUDSAK - World MasterCard Fashion Week in Toronto with Pam - March 15, 2012
* Made By Hand Show Networking Event with Faniya - March 15, 2012
* Vaughan Mompreneurs Showcase with Faniya - March 25, 2012
* Made By Hand Show with Multi-Testing Mommy - April 21, 2012

Not only will we be available to chat at the events, report on them, share them with all of Canada, but we will also have our new swag item with us - I LOVE Canada "teeny tags" from Mabel's Labels!! These make perfect keychains, great on backpacks, a fun way to show your Canadian pride!!! We are so happy to be working with Mabel's Labels to give our readers a fun gift, so make sure you come chat with us at all these events!

Can't make it to Toronto? Well we're giving away one teeny tag right now!! Enter below for your chance to win a piece of Did you know Canada? swag!


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  1. Can't wait to see the tags AND to represent you :)

  2. Love it! Tags are adorable and I'm looking forward to reading about the upcoming events.

  3. I entered! Love to put Canadian items on my luggage and these look adorable!

  4. VERY cool! love your little tags!!

  5. Love the tags, such an exciting new venture for you!

  6. Congrats Multi-Testing Mommy this looks like a great fit for you!

  7. Oh yay, those tags turned out great. I entered! :)


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