Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Soia & Kyo

Did you know Canada.. Toronto Representative Pam was at the Soia & Kyo runaway show at the World Mastercard Fashion Week in Toronto last night. Check out the highlight video from the show and read how it went for Pam!

I was full of nervous excitement attending the Soia & Kyo fashion show at Toronto's Fashion Week on March 13th. The venue was filled with beautiful people, fantastic and fantastical outfits and a pack of Fashion-Week t-shirt-wearing guides who made it all work. We sat on metal bleachers at either side of the catwalk. I was in Section E (Guests of the Designer)! I sat with other bloggers, fashion lovers and self-described "brand-groupies". When the lights went down and the loud rythmic music started, the stage buzzed with excitement.

Soia & Kyo's Winter 2012 line is gorgeous - lush jackets with stunning details, a subtle but inviting palate of colours and fashionable but very wearable! The menswear was edgy, urban and fun. The women's jackets and coats were both warm (good for Canadian Winters) but still so chic! I especially loved the sumptuous hats and fur-lined hoods paired with trendy sunglasses. This line is hip, young and accessible. The crowd buzzed with approval as model after model paraded down the runway. They moved with the beat of the music, obviously enjoying the mood in the room. One of my seatmates leaned over to me and told me that she owns 3 Soia & Kyo pieces already and was planning on buying at least two items from this collection. "The hard part", she said "will be picking which ones!" Heavy sigh... I know exactly what she means.

I've added some pictures I took of the show. I didn't have the best seats for photography and I've learned that I need a better zoom lens for this type of work... but I hope they'll give you all a sense of what the show was like.

As the weather is getting warmer, it's hard to think about buying a Winter coat but seeing this collection makes me wish I had my own Soia & Kyo jacket... and a few more days of cold weather in which to enjoy it.

Thanks so much to Did You Know Canada? for this incredible opportunity.



  1. My husband works next door to this and even blogged about it. Ha!

  2. I would love one of those hats. Sumptuous! And what better to pair it with but a Soia & Kyo jacket.

    Thanks for the update Pam.

  3. What a great opportunity. Those pictures look fab and looks like it was a great turnout.

  4. Some beautiful coats! I wish I could wear hats too but they look crappy on my lol

  5. Would love to go to a Fashion Show one day, although not sure I would have a thing to wear!

  6. It looks like fashion shows are just as cool in real life. I could go for one of those jackets.

  7. what an exciting experience, I bet you had a blast!


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