Thursday, March 22, 2012

#TheHealthyShopperPicks - Kiju 100% Organic Juice

Did you know Canada.. It's Day Four as we look at the The Healthy Shopper Picks for Spring and I have got to tell you about Kiju 100% Organic Juice.

Kiju 100% Organic Juice is a Canadian company started by Mike Kelly and Kevin Schultz, who say they are dedicated to giving kids and adults on the go a healthy choice.

An awesome selection of flavours and an absolutely new favourite in our house, we have been drinking these non-stop. Kiju juices are certified 100% organic from fruit grown and processed naturally. Kiju contains no added sugar, colour, flavours or preservatives, and provides a full day’s supply of vitamin C.

I love the shape of their juice boxes, perfect for little hands, and their 1 Litre Tetras are perfect for the fridge. Their five amazing flavours include mango orange, lemonade, grape apple, apple and pomegranate cherry. I can't even say what our favourite is, they all taste so good. Their glass bottle flavoured iced teas are so refreshing as well, I highly recommend trying them all!

This has been a great introduction to a product from The Healthy Shopper Picks and one that has a permanent place in our house. Enter for your chance to try them too!


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