Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What Did You Make on March Break

Did you know Canada.. Our friends at DK Canada have an awesome promotion going on this month: What Did You Make on March Break - where they are asking parents to submit photos of what their kids (ages 3-14) make on March Break! This can include a craft, painting, cooking - whatever your guys are working on this March Break. DK Canada also has an awesome selection of books to help with inspiration for "what to do with the kids?", check out their March Break Survival Boutique.

This week our family tried the Alien Robot Kit that's part of the DK Canada March Break Survival Boutique. We've learned some amazing stuff about physics, mechanics, forces, and motion while creating these awesome robots!

It was a great family activity while we checked out the whole book, the boys each got to pick a robot to make, Dad showed us all about putting wires together - it was the first time we've ever done something like that and the boys were in awe!

I love the re-usability factor of the book too, it shows you how to take everything apart so you can make more alien robots and the pieces are sturdy enough that it can handle being used and reused.

The March Break creations will be judged by our Craft Guru Extraordinaire Jane Bull, author of Make It, Made by Me and the upcoming Stitch By Stitch. The winning entry wins a signed Jane Bull collection and a $150 DK shopping spree!!!! Enter today and entries will be posted on and on their Facebook page at Good luck!!


  1. This is sooooo cool! I had no idea this existed! Thanks so much for sharing! Checking them out now! :)

  2. Who wouldn't love a shopping spree at DK? Great info, and thanks for letting us know.

  3. Wow $150? Awesome I love doing crafts with kids. They are so creative!

  4. Thanks for sharing! My kids love to create. Will be checking out the great contest.


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