Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Videotron Smart find directory

Did you know Canada.. I've been thinking *travel* today and learned about a really useful business directory if you're planning a visit to Quebec - Videotron Smart find directory.

I love that they have star reviews, and this was really cool, I searched for "pizza" in "Montreal" and I see Coronel Restaurant & Pizzeria not only got 5 stars but also has a deal I can print out! They even tell you what's most popular near you, perfect for the traveller.

You can see all the locations on a handy map, find the location you want, click on the name for even more details. Hours, address, directions, phone number (with an option to call for free!), photos, videos and written reviews. What handy information - not only for travellers but also for locals! You can also share your find with your Social Media, which I love of course.

Want to see what's around your hotel or home? Enter your location and see all the businesses surrounding you, along with all those great features like reviews, phone numbers, images and more.

This is a fantastic service for business owners, be able to showcase, upload images, share deals. I live in a small town and you'd be surprised by how often I hear about a location that I had no clue was there!! Or doesn't look it's best on the outside but has the most amazing food. By having folks share reviews everyone will be able to learn about the local gems, what a great service.

So if you live in Quebec, or are heading there this year, I highly recommend book marking Videotron Smart find directory. Make sure you share your finds as well!

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