Thursday, July 21, 2011

Beat the Heat

Did you know Canada.. we're going to break some records today! Records for highest temperature and humidex dating back to 1918 will likely be broken today as temperatures rise to 38-39 degrees and a humidex of 49-50!!!

This is not a day to brush off the warnings thinking they are meant for someone else. All Canadians - please check on neighbours, ensure they have cool water, fans and ways to keep their body temperatures down. If they don't, get them to a cooling centre! If your city or town will be facing the extreme hit today they've likely set up one or more local cooling centres - tune into local news to find out these locations and utilize them if needed.

AM980News tweeted a very interesting fact this morning: It'll be hotter in London, Ontario today than it is in Kandahar, Mumbai and parts of Ghana!

I read an interesting (and scary) story yesterday (I think it was on the Weather Network) that it's not so much the day time temperatures but because temperatures are not going below 20 degrees at night this is causing two serious problems:
* for those without a/c and ways to cool off the body does not get a chance to rebuild itself and prepare for the next day - this it what has killed many during heatwaves in our history
* this can also lead to "superstorms" with what was seen at Bayfest as just the start of them if temperatures continue

So stay cool Canada, remember our little ones and seniors, if anyone is playing sports today call ahead as many have been cancelled already.

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