Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Operation Nanook

Did you know Canada.. Canada Command is planning Operation NANOOK 11, a whole-of-government operation that will take place from 1-31 August 2011.

This operation is described by some as a show of muscle aganist the Russians over part of the Article floor where Russian and Canadian claims overlap.  Prime Minister Harper is set to attend as he has previously.

Canada's National Defence perfers to describe the operation as: Op NANOOK 11 is the largest of three operations conducted every year in Canada’s North and is designed to enhance Canadian sovereignty and to continue to improve the Canadian Forces’ capabilities when conducting Arctic operations.

Approximately 1,100 CF members, including Canadian Rangers, will participate in Op NANOOK 11, conducting patrols and tactical aviation missions in the area of Resolute Bay, as well as maritime patrols in Baffin Bay and Lancaster Sound.

The operation will also consist of a major air disaster exercise and the CF will act in a supporting role while assisting the Canadian Coast Guard in a maritime Search and Rescue (SAR) event. Both of these scenarios will also include participation from several other government departments.

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  1. No I did not know any of that! You are full of Canadian info, eh? LOL
    Happy Canadian Hopping!


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