Thursday, July 14, 2011

We are crazy for Twitter Canada!

Did you know Canada.. we've discussed before that it's Canadians who spend more time online than any other country. A new study has just come out from C-B-C/Radio-Canada and B-B-M Analytics indicating it's Twitter that is driving this trend.

Anglophone Twitter users averaged about 33.4 hours online a week, while francophones were at 23.8 hours.

Not surprisingly the report also indicated that increasing smartphone and tablet use, along with the availability of better online content, are also getting people online more often.

Something else I thought was interesting is they found the heaviest Internet users tend to be younger, live in Toronto or Montreal, have higher incomes and take public transit.

Are you surprised to hear it's Twitter that pushes us to the top of list Canada?


  1. Yes, I am surprised! Not surprised that it is younger people that use Twitter though. And use public transit..I guess that 's when they tweet!

  2. Everyone seems to have an iPhone or Blackberry in their pocket :)

  3. Always tweeting from my BB, but this does surprise me about Canada. I never would have thought:) Great post!


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