Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Canada's Worst Air Crash

Did you know Canada.. our worst air crash was December 12, 1985 when an Arrow Airlines DC-8 Flight 1285 crashed after takeoff from a refuelling stop in Gander, Newfoundland en route to Fort Campbell. The aircraft stalled, crashed, and burned about half a mile from the runway, killing all 256 passengers and crew on board.

According to a CASB Majority Report (REPORT NUMBER 85-H50902)..
The Canadian Aviation Safety Board was unable to determine the exact sequence of events which led to this accident. The Board believes, however, that the weight of evidence supports the conclusion that, shortly after lift-off, the aircraft experienced an increase in drag and reduction in lift which resulted in a stall at low altitude from which recovery was not possible. The most probable cause of the stall was determined to be ice contamination on the leading edge and upper surface of the wing.

Of the 248 servicemen, all but twelve were members of 101st Airborne Division; eleven were from other Forces Command units; and one was an agent from the Criminal Investigations Command (CID).

A memorial to the 256 victims at the crash site overlooks Gander Lake, and another memorial was erected at Fort Campbell. There is also a Memorial Park in Hopkinsville, KY, just north of Fort Campbell.

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