Friday, July 29, 2011

We took the Janes Fish Taste Test

Did you know Canada.. Janes Family Foods first started in 1969 when Lem Janes Sr. (a food technician original from Estonia who made the journey to Halifax, Nova Scotia) founded Grimm’s Foods in Concord, Ontario.

After Janes personally helped pioneer frozen food technology in the Maritimes The Grimm's Foods company specialized in frozen breaded and battered seafood products for the Foodservice Industry; catering to hotels, restaurants, hospitals and school cafeterias.

Today, Janes products are Canadian Best Sellers! We recently got to try their 100% certified sustainable fish products and we love them! Not just my husband and I either, guess who else loved them - the kids!! Yes, you read that right, the kiddos enjoyed the fish like they've been eating it every day of the lives - unbelievable!

With products like Janes Breaded Premium Haddock and Janes Wild Sockeye Salmon Burger it's no wonder how wildly popular they are. I also appreciate their guarantee that their product comes from a fishery that has been independently certified to the MSC’s standard for a well managed and sustainable fishery.

We are very proud to stand behind Janes Family Foods products, have been buying their chicken for years and look forward to trying this one next - I think the kids (and I) will flip for this one. :-)

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