Sunday, July 24, 2011

Great opportunity for Small Businesses

Did you know Canada.. we've heard about a great opportunity for those running a Small Business in Canada: CentrSource Canada is running a contest for small business owners with over $40,000 in prizes to be won! It doesn't matter what type of business you run whether it's a gift shop you've been running for years or an Esty shop you started last month, it doesn't have to be a "registered" business either (I'm thinking about you crafty Facebook friends!!) AND each person that enters receives 2 months of free advertising on CentrSource Canada!

It's easy to enter on their Facebook page, just sign up by creating an ad for your business for friends and family to vote on. Out of the 50 ads with the most votes the most creative ad will win: One Grand Prize of $15,000 cash + 6 months of free advertising on CentrSource!! One ad out of the 50 with also be randomly selected for one Secondary Prize of $5,000 cash + 3 months of free advertising on CentrSource. There is also fantastic weekly prizes of $1,000 cash + 1 month of free advertising on CentrSource. Good news for friends as well: Everyone who votes gets the chance to win an iPad2!

$15,000 can make a HUGE difference to a Canadian Small Business Owner, I look forward to seeing all your ads! Use this link to get started.


  1. I could think of a few things all that cash would come in handy with

  2. I don't have a small business but I would love to win an iPad2 just for voting! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. My ad has been approved..Yeah!

    Burnish & Brush Art Studio's ad is "Original Art For Children".

    Thanks for the heads up about this contest.


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