Sunday, July 17, 2011

Stolen Vehicles in Canada

Did you know Canada.. 2010 was the fourth straight year the Honda Civic is Canada's most stolen vehicle. Other vehicles on the list include Cadillac Escalade, Acura RSX and Hummer H2's.

Unfortunately no vehicle is safe. A professional thief can steal a car in about 30 seconds, even without a key.

Also about 25% of vehicles stolen in Canada are never recovered; many are stripped for parts or exported to other countries.

I've never had a vehicle stolen but a co-worker from many years ago did, and my car was parked right beside hers - eek!

Do you ever worry when parking your car that it might not be there when you come back?


  1. Out west they have the BAIT program, where they plant cars in mall parking lots to get stolen. Then they track them and kill engine like you see on tv. I think I seen it in Hamilton too

  2. Great idea, a car is a huge part of almost everyone's life - getting to school, work, getting to the rest of your family and more. I feel like your car is a very personal extention of your life as well and to have it violated is just terrible.


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