Sunday, July 17, 2011

Body Image

Did you know Canada.. I read a great article on body image on EdenCafe about how Gramma, Mom and other family members can make those comments like "you'd be a knockout if you lost some weight". We put a lot of blame on the media about the unhealthy images today's youth (not just girls!!) receive but it can come from any source, including those closest to us and those we trust the most.

There's an organization in Canada called NEDIC or, the National Eating Disorder Information Centre, that provides some great information on body image, eating disorders, treatment and more. A recent study found 27% of Ontario girls 12-18 years old were reported to be engaged in severely problematic food and weight behaviour and this carries into adulthood.  As a Mom with little ones you're often talking to other Moms at soccer, story time, playdates, etc.. and when you think back on conversations it's almost unbelievable how often Mom's (and really, women in general) put themselves down.

There's a great community through the EdenFantasys website that focuses a lot on body image, healthy living and helping others learn that no matter what your body type is you can be happy, feel sexy and be beautiful!

Eden Cafe

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