Thursday, July 7, 2011 Survey on Kids and Cursing

Did you know Canada.. has released results on an interesting new survey. They found that 86% of parents believe that kids ages 2-12 curse more than they did when they were kids. Interestingly, while 93% of parents have made an effort not to curse in front of their child; 8 out of 10 parents also admitted to cursing in front of their children. Have you ever caught your self swearing in front of your children? I'm sure I've done it once or twice in my boys 4 years.

54% of parents revealed that their child has cursed in their presence. The survey found while more than three-quarters explained that it was a 'bad' word, ten percent of parents laughed after hearing their children swear. How would you react??

The surveyed parents felt this increase in curing came from many sources: 39% of parents blame other children, either from day care, a playgroup or older siblings. 34% blame television, games and movies, and nearly 24% blame themselves or their spouses.

Visit for a full list of  tips on how to prevent your children from cursing. You can also watch The Today Show Friday morning for more discussions on these results.

Let us know what you think - do you agree with the survey results?


  1. I agree with the survey results. Fashion, lifestyles and language evolve over the years and what once was taboo becomes mainstream. Look at tattoos as an example. I never swore in front of my kids but they hear it everywhere. And actually they think nothing of is just another word to them! Maybe we need to learn from them and not get all hung up over a word.

  2. I agree kids are swearing more today and I also agree it's mostly coming from other children.

    I bet as parents, we swear LESS than around our children than our parents (especially our fathers) did around us. Yet our children are swearing more. I personally feel it's coming from children trying to look cool and act YEARS beyond their age and no one putting them in their place.

    As parents we are afraid of our children! If I swore around my father there would be punishment the likes of which are not seen today. While I don't agree with the hitting of old I think there should be stronger punishments and consequences.

  3. I am guilty of swearing in front of my kids! I know, I know, but I don't see the whole big deal about swearing, never have.

    We are of the mindset that instead of getting all worked up and excited over the use of certain words, we just treated them like normal and explained that it wasn't a word we used in public.

    We have though, told them that if they feel the need to use a swear word, it's fine as long as they know "when" they can use a certain word. They can't use it in school or around other children etc.

    I think explaining about swearing is a lot better then making it a huge taboo and making a huge deal about it. JMHO though, I know a lot of people don't feel this way and that's all good.


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