Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Did you know Canada.. Canadian company Addalock has come up with a few awesome products that will add safety, security and peace of mind in your home.

The Add-A-Lock is a portable door lock that can be easily installed and removed in seconds on almost any hinged door that opens inwards. This is really cool! Perfect for when you are away to make you feel secure in your location, or even use it at home as an extra precaution. When I first received the Addalock to try, I thought oh better wait for hubby to do this, but no it's very simple to use and easy enough for anyone to lock and disengage when you want to open the door. That was a concern for me as well, would we get it set up but then trap ourselves in the room? It's very simple to remove though. Click here to see a great video on Addalock.

This is one I was REALLY excited about. After feeling safe living at home to living in a 6th floor apartment for a couple years when hubby and I first moved in together, moving into a house with a sliding door actually made me pretty nervous. I had heard often they are very easy to open, and the lock on our sure doesn't feel secure. Up until now we had been using an unsightly cut off hockey stick to block the sliding door for opening, but it's a total pain to get back out, especially when you have an antsy dog waiting to get outside. With the Burglabar it's easy to use and you feel much more secure in your home. I recommend to everyone that was a sliding door and/or first floor sliding windows.

The Addahooks are heavy duty suction hooks that have been specially designed to adhere to most smooth surfaces. They are perfect for a whole host of places, like the bathroom, kids room, basement. I think that especially the bathroom always needs more hooks, we only have one towel rack in our bathroom, not enough space for 4 people! So this is perfect!

We are so excited to share an awesome special price with you as well. Click here to get 1 Addalock, 2 Burglabars and 2 Addahooks for only $30 - almost a $9 savings! Not only do we recommend this for YOU, but this would make a great gift for friends, parents, couples moving into a new home, everyone!

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