Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cadbury Gladstone Chocolate Factory Event

Did you know Canada..  last week Did you know Canada? Toronto Representative Faniya headed to Cadbury to learn more about their Bicycle Factory Program.

This week I visited Cadbury Gladstone Chocolate Factory to learn about The Cadbury Bicycle Program.  

I never realized that a bicycle can significantly change the life of a school student in Africa.  It serves as a school-bus, an ambulance, as a logs, water-tank and food bag carrier.

Since 2009 the Cadbury Bicycle Factory program has delivered about 13,000 bikes to students in Ghana.  This year the Bicycle Factory’s goal is 5,000 bikes. That’s awesome!

At the Chocolate Factory I was excited to meet Olympic Gold Medalist Heather Moyse, a champion bobsledder, Canadian National Rugby player and now Team Canada Track Cycling hopeful.  We were so happy to provide her with one of our Mabel's Labels I LOVE Canada teeny tags as well!

Besides Heather’s incredible achievements in sports she is taking part in the Bicycle Factory program, inspiring Canadians to join the Bicycle Factory Build.

Three stations were set up in a big Cadbury Factory room to show a day of a school child in Africa.  Heather herself walked me through the stations and showed how much freedom and mobility a bike can offer.

First station was a morning chores scene when kids have to get up early, bring water which is usually in a distance from the house, fruits for the breakfast, heavy logs to prepare meals and clean the room before going to school.  

Next station was showing how kids get to school walking on long roads sometimes in nasty weather, spending hours to get there. 

And the last station was the scene when kids come back home and have to do evening chores, like preparing meals, carrying heavy rice bags and after doing their home exercises for the school.

Having access to a bike to get to school, work or just reducing the loads from kids’ shoulders when doing daily chores give students and parents a gift of time so that students spend it more on their education and development.  

The Bicycles delivered to students in Ghana are specially designed, one-speed bicycles with a sturdy frame and adjustable seat made for the rugged roads of rural Ghana.

So join the build today it’s free, until July 31st 2012 Canadians can simply log onto www.TheBicyleFactory.ca to choose a free virtual product, drug the selection and release it into Africa.  Each product equals one bike part and it takes 100 parts to create one bicycle that will go to a student in Ghana.

And that’s not all, one lucky reader of Did you know Canada? will get a Cadbury gift basket which includes an assortment of chocolate, gum and candy, a Wheels of Change DVD (a powerful 40 minute documentary), a Cadbury Bicycle Factory t-shirt and messenger bag by Roots. The gift basket of 100 pieces in total symbolizes 100 parts of an actual bicycle changing a life in Ghana.

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