Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hasbro Canada - Battleship

Did you know Canada.. anyone hit the movies this long weekend?? Battleship just came out this weekend and it looks AMAZING!!

Did you play as a a kid? I did! And I was so excited to introduce Battleship to my boys as well. We were so lucky to receive an awesome promotional box from Hasbro Canada, the box came complete with bullet holes and sound effects, how cool is that???

Here's some of the really fun Hasbro toys we've been checking out..

Classic Battleship Movie Edition Game - 7+ approx. $24.99
This is THE original game, upgraded to go with the movie. It's exactly s you remember, figuring out the best placement for your ships, trying to guess where the other's players are. And don't make any faces to tip off the other person they are hitting close to your ships!!

This upgrades version offers an alien fleet along with commanding the navy, the boys have had so much fun with this. Perfect for working on our number and letter skills as well!!

We've had the boys saying "He Sunk My Battleship" for a week, too cute.

KRE-O Battleship Alien Strike Construction Set - 7+ approx $34.99
We had tons of fun building this with Daddy's help. My guys loved that this set came with FOUR guys, enough for everyone to play! The mini boat and alien ship is leading to a lot of imaginative play, the guys really love the capture claw on the alien warship.

KRE-O BATTLESHIP U.S.S. MISSOURI Construction Set - 8+ approx $79.99
Wow, wow, wow! This one is AMAZING! Not only fun to play, but makes a beautiful display in the boys bedroom. Comes with tons of guys, perfect for imaginative play while they play with the boat full of rocket launchers, missile launchers, Captain's navigation tower and more! It also comes with a deployable attack boat with gunner station, perfect for 2 guys AND Dad to play with all night long. This goes great with the Alien warship as well, we have already played with this for hours and hours.

I was so happy with the quality of the KRE-O sets, they snap together easily and STAY together, the instructions are fantastically detailed (even Mom could build!), so happy with these sets!

The promotional box came with a cute dog tag too, perfect for role play as the boys become members of the navy to fight aliens. :-)

I highly recommend picking up the game and/or one of these amazing KRE-O sets, they have brought hours and hours of enjoyment to my boys, and a perfect compliment to the movie as well!

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