Thursday, May 17, 2012

NERF Super Soakers

Did you know Canada.. the warm weather is finally here to stay! We've been wearing our shorts every day, we've been working in the garden, and it's time for the summer toys to come out too.

At our house, this weather means plenty of water fights too. We've been playing with new Super Soakers from Hasbro Canada and they are SO COOL!

First off, I have to tell you how happy I am with the quality and design, my guys Uncles have bought the boys water guns before, but they have been unable to pump them, or they leak, or they only hold enough water for a couple shots and no one has been happy.

Well, not with Hasbro Canada! Their NERF Super Soakers are awesome!!! Look at what we've been trying..

Tornado Strike
This one shoots spinning water! The boys think that is AWESOME. With a very easy to use pump, this gun shoots up to 20 feet away, has a detachable stock and a detachable clip. As MOM, I really love the detachable clip as we already picked up some extra ones, this means I can fill 3 clips at once for my guy and it keeps him busy for awhile.

This motorized gun comes with a HUGE water drum and a shield, you know you are in for some serious action if you need a shield! It's heavy but designed so even the little guys can get it going. I love that it's motorized so no awkward pumping required.

When I first saw this one I thought it was "cute" but this packs a serious punch! It's motorized with no pump and you can strike from up to 25 feet away!! Perfect for sneaking around the yard, you can trick Dad by hiding it behind your back, we've had a ton of fun with this gun!

I've seen these at the stores everywhere, this would be a fun treat for this holiday weekend to play with the family!!


  1. Those look like a hoot. Bet your Boys loved them. My Girl would.

  2. We have these and our boys LOVE them!! Nerf anything gets a warm reception every time.

  3. Such a fun , we need to get them too.


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