Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hasbro Canada - Marvel's the Avengers

Did you know Canada.. we've been waiting for this one - have you? Marvel Heroes like Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and Captain America in the biggest Marvel movie ever!!

Marvel's the Avengers brings together Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Nick Fury and the incredible Hulk together in one amazing movie!

Hasbro Canada has got us covered with an amazing toy line, and we were lucky enough to receive a selection of the new toys.

Arriving in a reeeeeally cool box (We did break the seal, there was a Global Emergency!!)

Here's what we've been playing with..

Marvel The Avengers 3.75-inch Earth's Mightiest Heroes (approx. $9.99)
Perfect for imaginative play for my 4 year old boys, we've been having lots of fun making these guys battle each other. Thor is our fav, with his huge hammer, cool cape and a huge sword spike that launches. I know collectors will be going nuts for these guys as well.

Marvel The Avengers Ultimate Heroes (approx. $24.99)
We received a 10-inch Repulsor Strike Iron Man, there's are so cool with electronic sound effect, he talks and shoots missiles!! I love the size of this guy, he's been king of the 3.75-inch characters we've been playing with..haha..

Marvel The Avengers Iron Man Tri-Power Repulsor (approx. $22.99)
This has been the biggest hit as it's caused the most fighting ;-) You get to wear it on your wrist and palm, it makes sound, lights up and shoots 6 darts up to 20 feet!! This guy has actually gone to bed wearing this already..haha.. it's led to some awesome role play.

Marvel The Avengers Hulk Gamma green Smash Fists (approx. $24.99)
These huge Hulk hands have been another great role play item. I appreciated that they were soft foam-rubber so the boys can battle without getting hurt. This has led to some really funny play, cool moves and great pictures.

Marvel The Avengers Hero Mask (approx. $10.99)
We tried on the Thor mask, in fact, this guy has barely taken it off. I love that it leads to great role play without being scary to wear as some masks can be. They are light and comfortable, with an awesome design on the straps so it stays on busy boy's heads.

Available now at stores across the country. Perfect for a huge age range, most items 4+ and let me tell you, hubby has been enjoying them too!! THE thing for the collector in your family as well. Visit Hasbro Canada for more information.

Are you checking out the movie this weekend??

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