Friday, May 11, 2012

Recipe Round Up! - May 11 2012

Did you know Canada..  we've had another great week over at Canadian Mom Cooks.  Co-author Multi-Testing Mom and I have been sharing some of our favourite find off the web and from our own personal recipes.

Cottage Pie - people have been making this one for centuries, find out how I make it!

Bacon Egg Cups - a really cool find off the net, it's my new go to recipe for special mornings like Christmas and Easter (and the occasional breakfast for dinner!)

Cheater Risotto ~quick and easy - This recipe tastes almost as good as risotto, just not quite as creamy. It is much easier to cook as it requires less tending to.

Traditional Lasagna - Lasagna isn't as difficult and time consuming as we sometimes may think it is, especially when using Olivieri's new Whole Grain Lasagna sheets.

Super Healthy Kids Website - This website has many wonderfully fun recipes for children. They make eating fun and educational for children. The sectioned plates make a great tool for teaching your children about good food choices.

Mozzarella Stuffed Meatballs - my take on a popular recipe that's sweeping Pinternet in many forms.

Pizza Hut Cheese Bread - sinful but delish!  You simply have to try it.

What have you been cooking up this week?

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