Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hockey Spirit Calendar

Did you know Canada.. I've mentioned before that I'm a hockey Mom. My boys just finished their first season in March, their Grampa is one of their coaches, and we go skating in the off season at least once a week.

I was so excited to find out about Hockey Spirit Fundraising. Created by Elizabeth Urlacher and her husband, they've created a beautiful hockey calendar which is used by clubs across Canada to raise funds for hockey, non-profit, and various charitable organizations.

I love that they know their audience! Creating a 15 month calendar that runs October-December of the following year, perfect for the hockey season!! Each month's page allows plenty of space to record family activities, games, practices and tournaments. Measuring 1 foot wide by 2 feet tall hanging on the wall, this looks beautiful anywhere - we have ours in the kitchen. I was really impressed with the quality, the heart warming pictures each month and their obvious care and attention to details to make this calendar something to really enjoy and cherish.

Visit Hockey Spirit Fundraising today if you are responsible for fundraising at your rink or be sure to suggest them to your coordinators - these would make beautiful gifts for any member in your family while they support your teams!  (buy the way, they have some really awesome fundraising rewards too, check them out!)

We are so excited to share some 2012 calendars with our readers, enter below for your chance to win one and enjoy the hockey spirit all year long!

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