Saturday, May 5, 2012

NutraSea Kids

Did you know Canada.. my guys love gummy daily multivitamins. But no matter what brand we try, they just don't like the Omega-3's - they are either kinda fishy or have a funny texture, we just haven't found what is right for us until now - NutraSea Kids.

 Since NutraSea Kids is a liquid, there's no texture problems, and with a fun very berry flavour, we've had no complaints there!

The makers of NuturaSea Kids is a Canadian company out of Nova Scotia - Ascentia. Their products are created in a licensed fish processing facility and is certified and audited by the Canadian Natural Health Products Directorate and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. The Pure Check logo on Ascenta products guarantees that they have been independently tested and certified for quality, purity and label claims. Ascenta subjects every lot to this rigorous standard to ensure that each product is of the highest quality. And this is really cool, you can actually view the test results for each lot by entering the lot number, located on the product bottle, in the Pure Check field on their home page! Ascenta is the only developer of natural health supplements to provide consumers with this level of transparency assuring them that their product is of the highest quality.

I also love that Ascenta is highly committed to sustainability and they only utilize fish that are sustainably harvested. Wow, this is a company to be proud of and an awesome Canadian company to support.

We have had great success with NutraSea Kids, the first Omega-3 supplement I've been able to get the boys to take on a regular basis, we even get some "yums" on taste!

The only thing I wish is that it did not have to be kept refrigerated. Only because we take the rest of our vitamins in the bathroom, so moving to the kitchen to get this one in sometimes leads to yelling at the kids to get back here, or forgetting if we are in a rush. But that's the nature of the product and once you have a routine going, you are good to go.

I highly recommend trying NutraSea Kids, especially if you have picky little ones like me, where no Omega-3 was the right fit. Ascenta is currently looking for Ambassador's in Ontario, click here to check it out.

We are so excited to share a giveaway with our readers as well, so your little ones can try NutraSea Kids too! Enter below for your chance to win a bottle of NutraSea Kids - TWO winners!!

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