Thursday, June 20, 2013

5 Ways to Update Your Kitchen on a Budget

Did you know Canada..  Showing off a beautifully transformed kitchen is a fantasy for many homeowners. Unfortunately, kitchen restorations typically require breaking the bank. Adding new cabinetry and counters can quickly empty one's savings. Yet, there are a lot of folks who are tight on cash but still long for that picture perfect space.  With a little creativity and skill, anyone can revive their culinary nook. Here are a few ways you can spruce up your kitchen without spending a fortune.  

1. Restore Your Cabinets
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Replacing cabinets is pricey but giving them a facelift is quite reasonable. If you love the look of wood cabinetry then you'll want to use a refinisher to strip the clear topcoat from your cabinets. You'll have to even out the color with a matching stain and then apply a new protective clear coat. Although refinishing is a lengthy process, you'll be ecstatic with the results.

Another cheap option for cabinets is painting them. All it takes is some fine-grit sanding and a few coats of fresh paint. However, some surfaces don't absorb paint very well. Words from the wise: If you have cabinets wrapped in vinyl laminate, you'll only waste your time with paint. Don't forget those finishing touches such as shiny new hardware and fresh drawer liners.

2. Install Mood Lighting
Track and dome lighting fixtures are difficult to install without help from an electrician. Don't let that stop you from adding ambient lighting in your kitchen. With a drill and some screws, you can easily put in sconces, pendants, or small hanging lamps for a decorative touch.

You can also lighten up your kitchen with some lighting panels made for the concealed bottoms of your hanging cabinets. They're easy to put in and brighten up your counter space.

3. Mount Some Small Shelves
If you have tons of free room on your walls then you should install a few shelves. Kitchens look best when there's minimal clutter on the counters. Free up your counters by putting everyday dishes and pretty flower vases on the new ledges. You'll find that you've added both character and storage to your kitchen.

4. Revamp Your Walls and Windows
There's no cheaper way to redesign your kitchen. After repainting the walls and replacing the window treatments it'll take on a whole new look. When choosing paint, aim for lighter colors to make your kitchen appear more open and airy.
While custom-made window treatments can be costly, adding some flair and privacy with shades is rather economical. Consider ordering shades from for some savvy roman shades that'll complement your kitchen's look. 

5. Replace Your Floors
If you think new flooring is too steep for your budget then you haven't been told about the low-priced options.  Vinyl floors are no longer a thing of the past. They're stylish, durable, and easy to clean. Even better, they're easy to install. Laminate flooring can be pretty reasonable too and also takes little knowledge to put in.

With so many decisions, renovating your kitchen can be both stressful and pricey. It's important that you take your time when selecting new additions and monitor your set budget. Remember that the kitchen of your dreams isn't worth depleting your savings.


  1. Our kitchen soooooooooooooooo needs a makeover!

  2. Oh man we are dealing with this now!! LOL I just posted about it.

    1. It is one thing after another isn't it :)


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