Monday, June 24, 2013

Supporting Canadian Businesses this Summer

Did you know Canada..  Our dollar moved down 0.27 of a cent to close on Monday at 95.37 cents US after going as low as 94.75 cents!

The last time the dollar was at par was early February and most economists agree this decline is only the beginning. There are no signs that it will reach parity in the near future with the US dollar either.

This means it's not a good time for cross border shopping, what it is a good time for is keeping your dollars in Canada and supporting your local businesses.

I've watched all the same shows you have about coupons and savings in the states, I've even done my own shopping there.  I won't deny there is many a deal to be found at Khols and other retailers but there are coupons and deals available here in Canada too if you look for them.  You can get Discounts on Vistaprint Products, clearance buys and free shipping on children's clothes, sign up for daily group buying deals and more.

We recently planned a whole mini vacation using group buys and discounts and we're excited to stay in country and enjoy some of the attractions Canada has to offer!

Check your weekly ads, price match, visit local attractions, and support your fellow neighbours before it's too late!

Are you staying local this summer?

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