Sunday, June 23, 2013

Corporate Catering

Did you know Canada..  planning office events is no easy task.  Whether it's a meeting over lunch, impressing a client or a large scale function, the main ingredient is always what to serve.

I've been to many an office lunch, some are simplified with individual meals, others are pizza or cold plates where you have to serve your self.  I always find these messy as there's a lot of cross contamination, never the right serving utensils available and buttering, condiments, etc.. are a pain.

Looking into corporate catering in Toronto the sky can be the limit in options, but sometimes the more simple the better whether looking to impress or just enjoy a good lunch with co-workers.

There is also the matter of location, availability, possible allergies, clean up and available time.  If you have allergies among your members your best bet is to have pre made, individually wrapped meals.  This means no chance of cross contamination and no worries about reactions!

Corporate catering doesn't just mean lunch in the board room either, there's conferences, staff meetings, "town halls" where members from all locations gather, just to name a few.

Have you ever been a part of planning an office event?  What are some of your go to options for catering?

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