Friday, June 14, 2013

EVAP - Save your phone!!

Did you know Canada..  I know you have a Smartphone, who doesn't?  Have you ever ended up with one in the washing machine, falling in a puddle or pool?  Or even just left it in the car overnight and it got covered in condensation?

We all know about the rice trick although so far I haven't heard about it actually working for anyone yet!  But now, there's EVAP!

7 times more absorbent than rice, EVAP can rescue your phone in just 6 to 24 hours!

Did you know 2 out of 3 people experience water damage to their smartphone?  That makes me nervous!!

I received an EVAP to check out, it looks very simple to use.  If your phone ends up taking a dunk turn it off, remove the battery and SIM card, pat any moisture off and place the phone between the two vaccum-sealed EVAP Tyvek pouches, then into the larger Rescue Pouch.

After it's sealed, this is my fav feature, a humidity indicator will change colour within 6 to 24 hours to signify the rescue opertation is complete!!!  How cool is that??  Much smarter than poking at the rice wondering if it's done it's thing and you can trust the EVAP to actually remove all the water.

Small enough to keep in your purse, laptop bag or overnight bag, you can have it with you anywhere for the most unexpected moments!

Available at Best Buy, Future Shop, Grand and Toy and, what a great gift idea for a friend or family member who just got a new smart phone, something for a son or daughter to take with them to collage in the fall, or just to have in the pool house this summer for any accidents!

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