Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Eliminate bodychecking in Youth Hockey

Did you know Canada.. New research is demanding that bodychecking be eliminated in youth hockey for all but the most elite levels.

It's scary to hear that bodychecking is introduced to players as young as nine in some leagues. Bodychecking in minor hockey introduces substantial risks of serious injury, including the risk of concussion and lasting brain damage.

Some people may not realize that a concussion is a form of head and brain injury! This causes a change in brain function even though there is no visible injury.

A recent study that found 1/4 of all players among two fourth-tier junior hockey teams followed for a complete season suffered at least one concussion during that time.

What Hockey Canada has to say.. Hockey Canada believes coach training and education along with parent education are priorities within the Canadian hockey system in order to support the continued positive growth of the game at all levels of minor hockey with or without body checking at the youth levels of the game.

My own boys will be starting hockey this fall, we actually just bought their helmets this past weekend. I would be very happy to hear about bodychecking being eliminatied at youth levels.

Do you think bodychecking should be eliminated for youths?

Source: Hockey Canada, Canada.com

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