Tuesday, April 12, 2011

National Wildlife Week

Did you know Canada..  National Wildlife Week is April 10-16.

As noted on the Canadian Wildlife Federation website: National Wildlife Week is a program of the Canadian Wildlife Federation. NWW is an opportunity to celebrate our country’s natural heritage and play a supportive role in its conservation.

Don't just think about animals for Wildlife Week - think about your local environment - native plants and flowers, small mammals and insects that need this vegetation for food and shelter - it can be wild out there even in your own backyard!

The best way to celebrate National Wildlife Week is to head out on a Walk for Wildlife! Check here for some Wildlife Walks going on across Canada - or plan your own Wildlife Walk.

Source: Canadian Wildlife Federation, Environment Canada


  1. I love this website! I did not know it is wildlife week. Maybe I'll go for a walk before it snows again...booooo....

  2. Eek! It can't snow again, I'm done!!

    It's beautiful out today, perfect for wildlife week :-)


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