Monday, April 11, 2011

Gas Prices Part 2

Did you know Canada.. last week we did an article about Gas Prices Across the Country and I see there is an article today on that is reporting because of the increase in gas prices it could cost households extra $950 this year!!

I was surprised to read that compared gas prices in Canada, which have risen about 25 per cent since September, to U.S. prices, which are up 32 per cent.

According to data from Kent Marketing Services, the average price of regular gasoline in Canada is more than $1.25 a litre, compared to about $1 last September.  As we saw last week in many places across the country it's even higher than $1.25 - as high as $1.37 in Montreal.


  1. I cannot believe how expensive gas is becoming.

    Just stopping by as part of the Canadian Blog Hop from

    Have a great week.

    Michelle @ Yours Faithfully

  2. We're at $1.24 right now. And since I drive a 300km round trip at least twice a month (on top of normal driving), I bet we'll be even higher than $950 a year!


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